The problem with Resistance Tube/Band training is the lack of solid anchors.  If you find a solid anchor at home (i.e. the antique walnut dining room table) it's a "fixed resistance point" and doesn't provide the variation you get with this device which does increase the range of exercises.  Resistance Training with stretch tubing is a proven method of muscle toning and building.  It is also used frequently in Physical Rehabilitation.  Resistance Tubing & Resistance Bands build lean muscle which is beneficial for many health aspects.  

The door gyms seem to be flimsy and have limitations and many wall gym systems are still expensive, extremely large and they seem cumbersome.  The Space Saver Gym is exactly how it's described-Space Saving and functional.  

Home gyms either demand too much space or they detract from your interior decor.  Home gyms are still expensive, extremely large and cumbersome, but not the "Space Saver"!  The Space Saver Gym is designed to work with any Stretch Tubing or Body Band from light resistance to heavy resistance.  

If you're short on space i.e. - - Apartment, House, Condo, the Space Saver Gym is a great option.  It's also perfect for Hotel rooms or Hospital rooms as well.  The Office - - "why not get a few sets in during a conference call?    Just make sure the web-cam is off."   
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